Adam Alexander is a fascinating character in his own right. He always sees the good in everyone he meets, always looks for the upside of everything he sees, yet his mind is always looking far beyond what’s in front of him. 

“He’s got the most incredible mind. I don’t know where he comes up with his ideas, but he manages to create the most captivating stories. When I finished reading Lips of an Angel I literally couldn’t speak.”


Behind each of his highly entertaining novels there’s a story, a theme, an experience or a snippet of a conversation that sent his highly creative mind on a mission of exploration to bring out another riveting novel.  In real life, he is a modest, humble individual, a self-professed introvert who is oddly not afraid of the stage, large audiences or pubic speaking, and has a wicked and dry sense of humour.  He carries a lot of compassion for others. He’s a dedicated husband and father, and has recently confessed to being a dog lover.

By day he is the CEO of a company he founded, and in the past has been a drive-time radio show host, a motivational speaker, a lecturer for several of the top business schools, a solo musician who has written several of his own songs. He has a black belt in Karate. And if that’s not enough, he also draws, plays guitar, and finds time to write one or two novels every year. 

He is often asked “Is there anything you can’t do?” to which he answered, “Yes – give birth, and dance.”

Although writing is not his full time career, he still finds time to churn out 5-star title after title. Now 53, he is a shining example that writers can emerge at any age, having completed his first novel at the age of 45. He says he has always wanted to be a writer, but spent far too long listening to the wrong voices until he finally found the one who he calls his muse and his inspiration, his “Angel with real wings.” You’ll find her in the dedication of all of his novels. Lips of an Angel, released in 2019 was honoured as a Notable 100 in the Shelf Unbound Best Indie Book competition.

“Once you get to know the author, you’ll enjoy his stories more and more as you find people and characters from his life weaved into his books.”

His wife, to whom he dedicates each of his books, is featured as the nurse who stitches up Matt Porter in “Slave to the City”. His favourite local bar, Tonino’s in Orange Grove, features in the Porter’s Rule series although the book is set in a fictitious town in California. It’s hard to figure out which people are real and which are not, as all of them are well developed and credible, right down to the overbearing wife in Garage Band, and the unlikely underworld characters that help the anti-hero in his plight to get revenge for being fired from his job.

“His plots are entertaining and unpredictable, making his books well worth the read no matter regardless of your preference of genre. Reviews of his books include comments like “twists and turns that knocked me for a six”.

To date, Adam Alexander has 9 completed novels, three of which will feature in the Notorious Minds Box Set and the marketing leading up to the release.  Look out for Lost Soul – Immortality, the Porter’s Rule: Slave to the City, Garage Bandand its sequel,Band on the Run(releasing 2020), and Lips of an Angelwhich was awarded a Notable Indie badge in the 2019 Shelf Unbound Best Indie Competition, and TWELVE. There’s plenty of good quality titles from this author to add to your reading list and keep you entertained. 

He writes across multiple genres, and his list of titles shows that  he’s highly proficient at romance, suspense, crime, comedy and fantasy.  When asked if his characters are based on himself, he replies, “only the tall, dark, handsome ones who constantly get up to mischief.”

This is how he describes his love for writing:

“I write because I love to entertain. I write because there’s power in words – the power to move someone, to take them to another place, to work their emotions so that they love and hate the character I’ve created, so that they laugh and cry. I write because for just a moment, I have your undivided attention, and for just that moment, I can carry you into my world and entertain you.”


Watch Adam’s promotional video he did for his title in the Notorious Minds boxset. Where he speaks a bit about his work and introduce who he is to the readers.

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Adam Alexander - Notorious Minds Author Introduction


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